Denmark Scholarships

24 Jun 2017

Department of Biology PhD Scholarship at University of Copenhagen in Denmark

The University of Copenhagen is the oldest university and research institution in Denmark. It is the second oldest institution of higher education in Scandinavia after Uppsala

08 Jun 2017

PhD Scholarship in Software Architectures at Technical University of Denmark

CACHET is an interdisciplinary research center spanning the technical and health sciences and consists of a unique academic network of researcher working together on the desig

22 May 2017

University of Copenhagen PhD Scholarships for International Students in Denmark

The University of Copenhagen is the oldest university and research institution in Denmark. Founded in 1479 as a studium generale, it is the second oldest institution for highe

02 May 2017

PhD Scholarships Uncertain Archives at University of Copenhagen in Denmark

University now seeks to extend the group with two PhDs who wish to work on these issues on a scale that may go from intimate self-tracking devices to the infrastructural scale

22 Apr 2017

PhD Scholarships in Stable Milk Concentrates at University of Copenhagen in Denmark

The research aims to understand the limits of concentration and the role of milk individual components on thermal and storage stability of concentrates, and identify ways to e

07 Apr 2017

Health Scholarships for International PhD Students at Aarhus University in Denmark

The Graduate School of Health is one of Denmark’s largest graduate schools and holds long-standing traditions for recruiting students from the entire health science area.

07 Apr 2017

PhD Scholarship for International at Aalborg University in Denmark

The aim of the PhD project is to contribute to our knowledge on the role of creativity in business model innovation processes.Aalborg University is a Danish university located

06 Apr 2017

PhD Scholarships at Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics in Denmark

The main objective of the university is to provide high quality, comprehensive educational and training opportunities that are compatible to changing needs of the students.

17 Mar 2017

PhD level Finance Scholarship offered by CBS in Denmark

The University’s aim is to give extraordinary superiority full educational and preparation opportunities that are well-matched to shifting requirements of the candidates.

11 Mar 2017

PhD Scholarship in Applied Microeconomics and Labour Economics Denmark

EARN aims at improving the integration of refugees. KU, KORA and LG Insights are partners in the research programme that also involves dialog and knowledge sharing with the im

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