Scholarships in Japan

Complete details regarding Scholarships in Japan for Pakistani students are offered at Numerous universities of Japan are offered many Japanese scholarships at different level of study like undergraduate, masters and postgraduate programmes. Students can cover college expenses by finding a suitable scholarships program.  Student can get all detail about scholarships in Japan on this page.

07 Jun 2017

KENKYU SHOREI Doctoral Scholarship at Ritsumeikan University in Japan

In Ritsumeikan University, Doctoral Student Career Path Support Center was launched in April in 2010 to support graduate students in Doctoral program with their career and to

06 May 2017

Rwanda Education Board Scholarships for International Students in Japan

Rwanda Government scholarships for undergraduate, master’s and Phd programs in fields of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences for undergraduates and mechanical, el

26 Apr 2017

JSPS London Post doctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers in Japan

The aim of this fellowship programme to provide researchers with the first-hand experience of the research and living environment in Japan, whilst expanding academic exchange

12 Apr 2017

Kumamoto University Summer Scholarships for International Students in Japan

The program consists of Japanese studies, Japanese culture experiences, and study trips for undergraduate students from KU partner universities. International Office & Partner

05 Apr 2017

Sophia University Scholarships for International Students in Japan

Sophia University Scholarship is a scholarship that does not need to be returned to students who are recognized as having difficulty in continuing their studies due to economi

05 Apr 2017

International Scholarships for Women at Hokkaido University in Japan

Hokkaido University, or Hokudai, is one of the national universities of Japan. It is a member of the National Seven Universities, which were established as the best national h

05 Apr 2017

Kyushu University Scholarships for International Students in Japan

By offering them a chance to study abroad at Kyushu University, the scheme aims to foster the nation’s future leaders, maintain good relations with Kyushu University.

29 Mar 2017

DoCoMo Scholarships for International Students at Tottori University in Japan

National University Corporation Tottori University, abbreviated to Toridai, is a national university in Japan. The main campus is located in Koyamach?-Minami, Tottori City, To

09 Mar 2017

Special Scholarship Program SSP for International Students in Japan

The aim of the Special Scholarship Program is to enable and encourage academically able students from japan and any nationality.

06 Mar 2017

Japan Foundation Scholarships for PhD Students from Developing Countries

The PhD programme in Sustainability Science aims to produce scholars who will become key researchers in the field of sustainability science.

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